From Fees to Rewards: How Cross Power (CP) Empowers zkCross Network Participants

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The zkCross Network facilitates effortless liquidity transfers across Dapps & Blockchains with just one click. This groundbreaking solution automates intricate DeFi processes such as swapping and bridging, simplifying cross-chain transactions for users of all levels of expertise.

The launch of zkCrossDEX on the Partisia Blockchain marks a significant milestone in decentralised finance (DeFi). We are Leveraging Partisia’s cutting-edge MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology for enhanced privacy and a zero-knowledge layer for added security. zkCrossDEX aims to transform cross-chain decentralised exchanges. With a growing and vibrant community rallying behind it, zkCrossDEX is poised to redefine the DeFi landscape.

The “Swap and Earn” Mechanism: A Game-Changing Innovation

At the heart of zkCrossDEX lies the innovative “Swap and Earn” mechanism, designed to reward early users for their engagement with the platform. This groundbreaking feature not only streamlines DeFi interactions but also makes them inherently rewarding. By incentivising users to participate in the ecosystem, zkCrossDEX aims to foster adoption and create a thriving community of participants.

Additionaly, using the Partisia zkCrossDEX not only rewards users in $CROSS tokens but also qualifies the user to become eligible for the Partisia Airdrop.

Learn to particiapte in Partisia Airdrop:

The Rise of the $CROSS Token: Fueling Transactions and Governance

We are gearing up for the launch of our native governance token — $CROSS. The token fuels the zkCross Network ecosystem. The $CROSS Token will facilitate transactions, governance, and now, the “Swap and Earn” program. With its impending launch, the $CROSS Token is poised to emerge as a key player in the DeFi space, offering users a multitude of benefits and opportunities.

The “Swap and Earn” program enables users to earn back 100% of the platform fees for cross-chain swaps conducted on zkCrossDEX. By interacting with zkCrossDEXs across different blockchain ecosystems, users accumulate platform fees, which are then converted into $CROSS Tokens through the “Swap and Earn” mechanism.

As the launch of the CROSS Token approaches, users will have the opportunity to claim their earned CP and convert it into CROSS Tokens at the launch price equivalent. These CROSS Tokens will unlock gradually over a four-week period, with daily unlocks, ensuring a smooth transition into the new token ecosystem. This feature underscores zkCross Network’s commitment to recognising and rewarding early adopters and active participants within its ecosystem.

Introducing Cross Power (CP): Rewarding Active Participation

Cross Power (CP) represents a novel reward mechanism introduced on the Partisia zkCrossDEX to acknowledge and incentivise the community’s active participation. As a unique, non-tradable rewards token within the zkCross Network, CP is poised to revolutionise the distribution of rewards on the platform. By rewarding early adopters and frequent users of the ecosystem, CP reinforces the sense of community and fosters loyalty among participants.

Earning CP: A Transparent and Rewarding Experience

Every transaction conducted on Partisia zkCrossDEX accrues a nominal platform fee of 0.5%. Unlike traditional fee structures, this fee is not retained by the platform but is instead returned to users in the form of CP. Each CP token holds a value equivalent to $1, providing users with a transparent, straightforward, and rewarding experience. By accumulating CP through their transactions, users become eligible for future benefits within the zkCross Network ecosystem.

Leading up to the public launch of the $CROSS Token, CP serves as a temporary representation of the value users accumulate within the ecosystem. Transparently deployed on the blockchain, CP keeps a record of all rewards earned against transaction fees, ensuring accountability and trust within the community.

CP is seamlessly integrated into the Partisia zkCrossDEX user interface, providing users with real-time visibility into their accumulated rewards. By accessing their dashboard, users can track their CP balance and stay informed about the rewards they’ve earned through their trading activities.

The bottomline

In essence, Cross Power (CP) represents a transformative force within the zkCross Network ecosystem. It empowers users with rewards for being active. As zkCrossDEX keeps getting better, CP shows the platform’s dedication to building a lively and inclusive community. When the $CROSS Token launches soon, users can expect even more chances to get involved and create value. These changes promise an exciting future for decentralised finance, with transparency, innovation, and user empowerment leading the way.

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About zkCross Network

zkCross Network is a decentralised cross-chain interoperability protocol and a DeFi Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider focused on optimising value transfer across Web3 with a single click.

The core of our technology is the zkCross Protocol, a one-click solution that enables seamless liquidity transfers across blockchains, DeFi, DApps and Web3 with a single click. This innovative solution automates complex DeFi interactions like swapping and bridging, making cross-chain transactions straightforward and accessible for all users.

zkCross is the cornerstone of blockchain interoperability. It enables fluid asset transfers and interactions across diverse blockchain networks, ensuring privacy, efficiency, and security.

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