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The zkCross Network is excited to announce the upcoming launch of zkCrossDEX on Partisia Blockchain. The Partisia zkCrossDEX is scheduled to go live at 8:00 pm UTC on the 1st of May. The DEX will take advantage of Partisia’s:

  • MPC technology for enhanced privacy
  • Zero-knowledge layer for security
  • Growing and vibrant community

This launch is introducing our “Swap and Earn” mechanism on Partisia zkCrossDEX. This innovative feature is designed to reward early users for engaging with the platform, making DeFi interactions seamless and rewarding. As we gear up for the launch of zkCross Network’s $CROSS Token in Q2, we’re excited to share how this mechanism will benefit our users and enhance their DeFi experience.

Introducing Swap and Earn

“Swap and Earn” is a unique incentive program integrated into zkCrossDEXs, enabling users to earn back the platform fees incurred during transactions in the form of Cross Power (CP) which will be convertible to $CROSS tokens. This effectively means that users can enjoy the cutting-edge cross-chain swapping capabilities of zkCrossDEX at virtually no cost. The more you swap, the more you earn, turning every transaction into an opportunity to accumulate $CROSS tokens.

How It Works

The process is straightforward and user-friendly:

Connect Your Wallet: Access zkCrossDEX on the Partisia Blockchain and connect your wallet.

Perform Transactions: Swap assets across blockchains using our one-click solution.

Receive Cross Power: Cross Power (CP) is earned through each transaction on zkCrossDEXs. Cross Power is the fuel for the zkCross Network and can be converted to $CROSS Tokens at any time.

Earn $CROSS Tokens: Receive $CROSS tokens equivalent to the platform fees paid for your transactions by converting your Cross Power (CP) to $CROSS Tokens.

View Your Balance: Your earned $CROSS tokens will be visible in your zkCrossDEX dashboard after connecting your wallet.

The $CROSS Token Launch

The $CROSS Token is the backbone of the zkCross Network ecosystem, designed to fuel transactions, governance, and now, our “Swap and Earn” program. Slated for launch in June, the $CROSS Token is poised to become a significant asset in the DeFi space. By interacting with zkCrossDEXs across different blockchain ecosystems users become eligible to earn their platform fees back in the form of $CROSS tokens through our “Swap and Earn” mechanism. In a nutshell, zkCrossDEX enables users to earn back 100% of the platform fees for Cross-chain swaps and become stakeholders in the zkCross Network ecosystem.

Partisia AirDrop Program

Using the Partisia zkCrossDEX not only rewards users in $CROSS tokens but also qualifies the user to become eligible for the Partisia Airdrop.

How to qualify?

1. Bridging to Partisia Blockchain:

Swap and Bridge tokens to Partisia using the Partisia zkCrossDEX.

2. Transact/Hold:

Bridge your tokens, make transfers, and keep them in your account.

Engage with the ecosystem: deploy contracts using DApp playground, mint domain names on Meta Names, download Web3 cookies on Blockchain-Ads.

Why Swap and Earn?

Accumulate $CROSS Tokens: Every swap contributes to your $CROSS token holdings. Accumulate $CROSS Tokens for every swap before the launch of the token.

Cost-Effective Transactions: Use zkCrossDEX without transaction fees, as fees are reimbursed in $CROSS tokens.

Incentivised Participation: Every swap contributes to your $CROSS token balance, encouraging active participation in the DeFi ecosystem.

Seamless Cross-Chain Interoperability: Experience the ease of swapping assets across blockchains with our one-click solution, now made even more accessible.

Strengthening the Ecosystem: By using zkCrossDEX and earning $CROSS tokens, you’re directly contributing to the liquidity and robustness of the network.

Looking Ahead

As we approach the launch of the $CROSS Token and roll out the “Swap and Earn” feature on Partisia zkCrossDEX, we’re excited about the possibilities this opens up for our users and the broader DeFi community. Our mission has always been to make DeFi more accessible, efficient, and rewarding, and “Swap and Earn” is a significant step in that direction.

We invite you to join us in this journey, not just to witness but to actively participate in the evolution of DeFi. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build and innovate for a more interconnected and user-friendly DeFi ecosystem.

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About zkCross Network

zkCross Network is a decentralised cross-chain interoperability protocol and a DeFi Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider focused on optimising value transfer across Web3 with a single click.

The core of our technology is the zkCross Protocol, a one-click solution that enables seamless liquidity transfers across blockchains, DeFi, DApps and Web3 with a single click. This innovative solution automates complex DeFi interactions like swapping and bridging, making cross-chain transactions straightforward and accessible for all users.

zkCross is the cornerstone of blockchain interoperability. It enables fluid asset transfers and interactions across diverse blockchain networks, ensuring privacy, efficiency, and security.

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