zkCross Network joins forces with E Money Network: Redefining Cross-Chain Liquidity in Web3

zkCross Network
3 min readJun 10, 2024


We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between zkCross Network and E Money Network, marking a significant leap forward in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain interoperability. This collaboration brings together two leading innovators in the industry to enhance Web3 user experience and revolutionize cross-chain liquidity transfers.

At zkCross Network, our mission has always been to simplify blockchain, DeFi, and dApp interactions, making them as seamless as traditional finance. Our suite of features, including one-click liquidity solutions, transforms bridges into highways for limitless asset fluidity across blockchains. With zkCross Protocol at the core, we enable near-instant cross-chain transfers with integrated fiat onboarding, ensuring accessibility, speed, and efficiency for all users.

E Money Network: A Pioneer in Regulated Blockchain Solutions

E Money Network has emerged as a trailblazer in the regulated blockchain space, offering a modular RWA blockchain designed to bridge the liquidity gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. With its multi-chain support and compliance-driven approach, E Money Network provides users with a secure and regulated platform for cross-chain activities.

By integrating E Money Network’s Wallet with zkCross Network’s protocol, we are paving the way for compliance-driven Web3 interactions. Equipped with KYC/AML modules, E Money Wallet ensures that every transaction processed through it is compliant with upcoming regulations such as MiCA. This integration empowers Web3 users to navigate the diverse blockchain landscape with confidence, while seamlessly transferring liquidity across networks.

Transforming DeFi with Seamless Cross-Chain Liquidity

zkCross Network is transforming the DeFi landscape with its innovative features designed for seamless cross-chain liquidity. By leveraging the zkCross Protocol as its core engine, it provides near-instant cross-chain transfers and integrated fiat onboarding, enabling users to deposit fiat through PSP, which is then converted into stablecoins via smart contracts.

This protocol also supports one-click liquidity across blockchains, simplifying complex transactions like swapping and bridging. The seamless fiat integration ensures a smooth transition from traditional finance to DeFi, offering direct fiat-to-DeFi conversions that eliminate intermediary steps. zkCross Network boasts ultra-low latency, providing real-time responses and swift cross-chain trade settlements by leveraging existing bridges and liquidity networks.

It ensures optimized pricing with minimal slippage for all user levels and enhances capital efficiency through a liquidity on-demand system, thus delivering higher volume bandwidth and cost-effective transactions. These features collectively level the playing field for emerging blockchains, facilitating limitless asset fluidity and accelerating cross-chain swaps, fiat accessibility, speed, and efficiency.

A Step Towards Mainstream Adoption of DeFi

This partnership will create a powerful DeFi ecosystem that maximizes liquidity efficiency for a large user base. Unifying E Money Wallet with multi-chain support and zkCross Network’s innovative liquidity solution unlocks new possibilities for users, providing them with secure and regulated access to an array of currencies — crypto, fiat, and e-money tokens.

This collaboration marks a significant step towards mainstream adoption of DeFi, removing barriers to entry and providing a regulated, user-centric solution for cross-chain interactions. E Money Network’s compliant wallet, combined with zkCross Network’s one-click liquidity solutions, creates a unified, dynamic, and user-friendly DeFi ecosystem.

About E Money Network

E Money Network is the regulated Modular RWA blockchain. It serves as an L1 blockchain designed for seamless interoperability between DeFi 2.0 and RWA tokenization, effectively establishing a network that aims to bridge the liquidity divide between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

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About zkCross Network

ZKcross Network is cross-chain interoperability protocol and a DeFi Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider focused on simplifying and optimising the movement of value across Web3. It enables fluid asset transfers and interactions across diverse blockchain networks, ensuring privacy, efficiency, and security.

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zkCross Network

Redefining Cross-Chain Interoperability for Seamless Liquidity Flow Across Blockchains